Why you should choose a Licensed Professional REALTOR® when purchasing or Selling a home

Dated: November 20 2020

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 Choose a Licensed Professional Realtor when Buying or selling a Home.


Here are some of the many services and protections that a licensed professional realtor provides:

To the Seller

The single most important job a realtor has when listing your home, is getting the listing price right the first time! Choose a realtor that will come and look at your home, then go do the requisite research, including searching for comparable homes that have sold in your neighbour or very similar ones. Pricing your home too high, can have several poor outcomes. It could sit on the market, get very few viewings and no offers. After a period of time, buyers simply assume something is wrong with the house and often write it off completely. A realtor will explain one of several pricing strategies you may employ, depending on a wide variety of factors and conditions that a realtor is trained to recognize.

It’s important to note that only a licensed professional realtor has access to all the data needed to arrive at the correct listing price. They know the market, the uniqueness of the many neighbourhoods within the market, trends, tendencies, zoning issues, pending developments and much more.

Marketing your home is the 2nd biggest responsibility of your realtor. MLS is the Multiple Listing Service that is employed by organized Real Estate. The ONLY way to get on this by far largest exposure to the market, is by listing with a licensed professional Realtor. Every Realtor looks at the MLS listing many times each day, keeping track of new listings, sold listings, price changes and more. If It is not on MLS it is NOT A LISTING at all, merely and ad on website or social media. Your listing on MLS automatically puts your listing on Canada’s largest website for organized real estate, Realtor.ca Further to these 2 giants, you will be added to your realtor’s website and social media pages, as well as their brokerages. At your request they may also place an ad in the Real Estate News.

Make no mistake, NO other source can give you that kind of exposure…NONE!

Your licensed professional realtor is not in it for themselves, they are in it for you! Their biggest responsibility is to PROTECT you in all aspects and facets of the process, from list to close. They will analyze offers, (It’s not always simply the most money) make recommendations, and negotiate on your behalf, in a singular effort to obtain the best possible offer for your home.

They will help you prepare for viewings and open houses and make recommendations for staging and other best practises that help to put your home in the best possible light.

If your home does not sell, your realtor doesn’t get paid, unlike the Marketing Companies for Private Sellers, that charge you in advance.

In many cases these private sales fail & end up using a Realtor to get their home sold in the end anyway.

Realtors are involved in the sale of many privates anyway, representing the buyer. In this case they truly sold the house, not the Marketing Company. So if you do choose to sell privately, never turn a Realtor and their clients away. They represent your best chance to sell your home!

To the Buyer

It stands to reason that if the seller has a Listing Agent, then the buyer should have a buying agent. The job of this realtor is equally as important as that of their counterpart. Protect the buyer! Make sure they are seeing the right listings. Pointing out things the buyer may not see or be aware of. Digging deeper if they suspect something isn’t right. Giving their professional opinion on the value of every home they show their clients and supporting that assessment. Recommending other professional services when required and knowing when they are.

The majority of the time, the services of a buyer agent are free, as typically the listing side is responsible for the commissions.

Your realtor will make viewing appointments and attend those with you. Their training and advice once again are there to protect you, helping to ensure you are making a fully informed decision, and that nothing is being hidden or withheld from you. Transparency is key to a smooth purchase, with no need for lawsuits down the road.


A big responsibility of the buyer’s realtor is to make sure the right “conditions” are included in the offer to purchase, in order to protect the buyer.  Conditions may be included to protect the seller as well.  Your realtor is the best equipped to write this offer for you. Although a lawyer can legally do it, many shy away, as they have never been in the house, and have no intention of it. They do not want the liability if they can avoid it. A realtor should not be writing an offer on a house they’ve never seen either.

Your realtor will also attend the home inspection with you and help analyze the report if required.

Your professional licensed realtor is a valuable resource for many things home related, before, during and after the successful purchase of your home.


  Marketing Companies


Are NOT Realtors! They cannot (legally) perform most of the duties that are required of a Licensed Professional Realtor as listed above.

They did not take the extensive and detailed Professional Real Estate Course, that is required to be licensed realtor, which comes with a professional designation, and legally trade in real estate in Ontario. This course is no joke. It takes most candidates a year to complete and is not a course that just anyone can pass. Furthermore ongoing education is a requirement of retaining a real estate license.

The high ethical standards required of a Realtor sets them apart from any marketing company. Realtor’s operate under an actual government act, REBBA 2002 which stands for the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act of 2002. Realtors are monitored by professional associations. Marketing Companies ARE NOT.

They can NOT List your home. Only put it on their own site

They WILL charge you whether you home sells or not

They WILL NOT protect you the way a Realtor can, they simply don’t have the means.

A marketing company can not legally show you a home. Only a licensed professional realtor may do this.

Be especially wary of a Marketing Company that won’t allow a realtor to show your For Sale by Owner home. Why, if they are acting in your best interests would they ever encourage you to turn away anyone who in good faith, brings a potential buyer to you? A realtor will very happily show their client “private sale” homes, often at the realtor’s suggestion, but if the private seller won’t let you in because you have a realtor…RUN! They are likely hiding something. Unfortunately, we have seen this happen too often.

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