Goal Setting System

Dated: January 12 2022

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Goal setting should be a very personal experience. There will be different goals for every individual person, so no formula will work for every person. However these are some ideas that may help kick start your 2022.

I set new goals every year. I like to use the same method for setting my goals every January. Some like to start goal setting earlier, November or December. I feel like January is for me the perfect time for reflection on the past year and a fantastic time to set my intentions for the upcoming year.


Brainstorm. Grab a large piece of paper and write out everything you want. Not for just the upcoming year, but everything you could possibly imagine in life.  Try to tap into your creative side of your brain, using old fashioned pen and paper can help this process. Using a pen and paper can also be very freeing, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting in front of a screen for work (as most of us do today). Perhaps you want to become a millionaire, maybe a goal might be to achieve yoga teacher training status, a possible goal might be to spend more quality time with the family. The goal size and shape does not matter, even if it seems unreachable or a little crazy, just write it down.


Prioritize. Circle the items that are most important to you. Do not let your brain rationalize away your goals with internal statements of, ‘this is insane’, or ‘this is not achievable’. If it is important to you, it is achievable. It may take more than 2022 to accomplish, but everything is within your reach.


Categorize. Categorize life into a few subheadings. HEALTH – FAMILY – SOCIAL – FINANCIAL – CAREER – HOUSE. You may want to use these subheadings during the brainstorming period as well. Health may include things like ‘feel more energetic’, house may include ‘new bathroom’. Using specific goals will be helpful in the next few steps.   


Mind Map. Take another piece of paper and write one of your goals in the center. Let your mind wander into different thoughts and ideas of how you can reach your goal.  No idea is too large or too small.


Plot Your Path. Add a year to each goal. Goal setting does not have to be just one year, you can incorporate the next 5 to 10 years if you. Life will throw curveballs at you, (enter Covid -19), and adjustments will have to be made. Just knowing where you want to go will help you find the directions to get there.


Create Daily To Do List. Taking from the goals your prioritized the highest, use the Mind Map ideas to start implementing steps towards reaching your goals. Small steps done daily, or a weekend spent specifically on one goal, it doesn’t matter. Procrastination will not help you achieve your goal, actions will.

One more action item I like to take is to write my specific goal in a place it will be seen daily. Depending on the item itself, it will have a specific area. My goal list for my home goes on the fridge, work goals are located directly behind my computer, where they are in direct line of sight.  Funny thing is, this seems to work. Every year I return to my original goal brainstorm page and most of those items are checked off the list. I honestly believe, whether it be conscious or subconscious, the plastering of my goals in front of myself daily is helping manifest my life in the direction I decide. 

Do you have a specific goal setting routine? Please share, I am always open to the evolution of a good idea.

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